Water Way Company is committed for the development of finswimming, swimming and life saving sports.
We have 14 years trade experience Worldwide. Customers from many countries such as :New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Italy, Greece, Danmark,Suisse, Belgique, Turkey, Nederland, Slovak Republik,Slovenia, Argentina, Colombia, Great Britain, Spain, Mexica, Israel, Sweden, Croatia, are satisfied with our product.
We use best quality fibre-glass blades and indian rubber for all line of products.First of all we think about the quality of our merchants, which helps to feel speed with comfort in the water.
Water Way Company was found in 1995 by Gold medallist World Junior Championships 1989, Silver medallist of 6th World Championships 1992, Bogdan Lyashuk.
Personal best time was 12.50.6 (1500m) in 1991. World record was 12.45.00.
Distribution channels include federations, national dealers, teams, sporting good stores.
Our products were presented in the final races all World Championships during the last 12 years. Top News is result of Irina Polojshentzeva, she did new EU Record – 6.41.82 – 800 im, with our Glide-fin. Bari. CMAS games 2007.