UltraFins Fiber blades

€ 81.00

  • Description

    We use high pressing method when we produce these blades. We don’t use vacuum pressing method because vacuum blades are weak. UltraFins blades has 20cm width and total length 80cm. We glue side rails for all blades. We don’t glue the side rails only for Pathos pockets because it has narrow cell.

  • Additional Information
    Weight 1.7 kg
    Blade Stiffness

    Stiffness 1 ( Extra soft ), Stiffness 2 ( Soft), Stiffness 3 (Soft- Medium ), Stiffness 4 (Medium), Stiffness 5 ( Hard)

    Color of the blades


    Color of Edges

    RED, Blue, white, Black, Yellow

    I will fix these blades with

    Pathos pockets, Nemo pockets, Mares Razor, UltraFins pockets

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Product Code: fibeglass-blades-w-angle.

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