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Safety Lanyard

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    The Evolution 3 is the new model coming after the famous Breathology Lanyard (evolution 2). The upgraded and new design have been made after gathering comments from top athletes and lanyards users.
    The Evolution 3 offers less drag along the cable, and comes with a thinner neopren strap.


    • 90 centimeter length cable
    • Light and comfortable neoprene strap for ankle or wrist
    • Bright yellow quick release strip
    • Optimized carabiner connection to the cord
    • Heavy or light tough carabiner (Stainless Steel or Aluminum)
    • Flexible attachment between the cord and the neoprene strap
    • Reduced cable drag along the rope
    • Strong and durable cord
    • Small and Light D-ring
    • Weight : ~ 225 grs for the stainless steel carabiner lanyard / ~ 180 grs for the Aluminium carabiner lanyard
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