UltraFins Carbon

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    General features
    High quality Ultrafins carbon from Ultrafins manufacturing. The Ultrafins’ blades are designed and pressed with high pressure machines making them even more durable, stronger, and responsive. The blades’ angle makes it easier to swim and gives better kick increasing coefficient of efficiency. Designed and tested by professional engineers to supply freedivers and spearfishers with amazing product.

    The blades

    Ultrafins manufacturing has employed high temperature and high degree pressing technology in order to making high quality and durable blades with no defects. The team of qualified engineers have been working and testing blades production until they found the ideal formula that provides higher carbon quality.The blades’ width is 20cm. The fins’ length is 91-92cm. The product weight is 1.8~1.9kg. All Ultrafins carbon blades are supplied with 22 degree angle.


    The fins come with ULTRAFINS footpockets or Mares Razor footpockets. Upon special request the fins might be supplied with Pathos footpockets.Note, the fins come with assembled footpockets. You can easily take them off and assemble the blades with mostly any other footpockets producer.

    Water Edges
    ULTRAFINS edges with variable height and high efficiency design aim to provide higher stability and better handling underwater. Come in five main colours: blue, red, white, black, yellow.

    The manufacturer’s official warranty is 2 years for the damages caused not by the improper use of the equipment while diving or storing.Please, see Ultrafins website for more details.

    Please, make sure to check the size table for Ultrafins
    Size Table

  • Additional Information
    Weight 2.6 kg

    Soft, Medium-Soft, Medium, Hard

    Edges' color

    Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, White


    UltraFins footpockets EU 36-37/US-4.5-5.5, UltraFins footpockets EU 38-39/US 6-7, UltraFins footpockets EU 40-41/US 7.5-8, UltraFins footpockets EU 42-43/US 8.5-9, UltraFins footpockets EU 44-45/US 10.5-11.5, UltraFins footpockets EU 46-47/US 12-13, Mares footpockets EU 39-40/US 5.5-6.5, Mares footpockets EU 41-42/US 7-8, Mares footpockets EU 43-44/US 8.5-9.5, Mares footpockets EU 45-46/US 10-11, Mares footpockets EU 47-48/US 12-13

    Footpockets type

    Light (no rails), Standard (supplied with rails)

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