Ultrafins Performance

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    Ultrafins performance from UltraFins manufacturing have revolutionary cast rubber foot pockets designed by professionals at Ultrafins manufacturing that enable optimal grip of the freedivers/spearfishers feet and the best possible energy transfer. The footpockets are made base on athletes’ personal preferences considering length, width of the feet.

    The blades are hand-made with puff lines on the back which provide better stability in the water and help to maintain the best kick.
    The Ultrafins performance come with high-quality fiberglass blades that guarantee to supply freediver with consistent thrust and unmatched power for over 2000km. Blades’ length-80cm

  • Additional Information
    Weight 4 kg

    EU 35/ US 4 /230mm, EU 36/US 4.5 /235mm, EU 37/US 5 /240mm, EU 38/US 6 /245mm, EU 39/US 7/250mm, EU 40 /US 7.5/255mm), EU 41/US 8/260mm, EU 42/US 8.5 /265mm, EU 43/US 9 /270mm, EU 44/US 10/275mm, EU 45/US 11/ 280mm, EU 46/US 12/285mm, EU 47/US 13/290mm, EU 48/US 14/295mm, EU 50/US 15/300mm

    Foot width

    80mm, 85mm, 90mm, 100mm, 105mm, 110mm, 115mm, 120mm

    Blade Stiffness

    Soft, Medium


    Improve PB, Swim for fun

    Fins' main color

    White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Beige, Violet

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